Tuesday, January 2, 2018


1/2/2018-Tho I miss my Nicki girl so very much, I now, have a new toy poodle puppy, I got in last Aug/2017, she is now 6 mos old. The training is never ending, has become one fiesty, stubborn little gal, but so cute & lovely, she's got a long way to go on the commands etc, enjoying her company, tho she can be very trying at times, she helps the fill that emotional void, tho I will always very fondly remember my Nicki girl. So now Cissy girl takes the high road to many adventures 

Sunday, August 20, 2017



My sweet buddy & friend for almost 15 yrs, Got my Nicki girl when she was only about 8-10 wks old, from then on she has been my pal, buddy, friend, literally my shadow in my life. 8/7-Unfortunately she is now in peaceful sleep close by under our banana trees, which I go to view often. Miss her so very much, a loneliness/empty feeling I can never fill this awful void. I so cherish those days/nites she was my loving companion. A small tribute to the life of a beautiful puppy/dog that has greatly enhanced my happiness in this life. Even to venture out to obtain a new puppy, still would never be the same, without my Nicki girl. 
Truly miss her so very much. Our bonding was phenomenal in so many ways, the joy is unexplainable!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Am just a simple, country, GA gal, have always loved anything to do with nature, in all of mother nature's majesty, scenery & landscapes are so stunningly beautiful, in such an array of displaying gorgeous varieties of color. It is so peacful & serene, so good for my soul & spirit. Love the beauty of such an abundance of flowers everywhere, we indeed have a beautiful, colorful world to enjoy.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


In the stillness of early morn, a beautiful crispiness fills the air, the gentle rustling of leaves, squirrels and birds busy with their day's tasks, the silence and serenity, so peaceful in a world of havoc and death. My mind wonders as I witness the beauty of mother earth, if today, we are closer to peace, and the joy of true friendships to cherish. Thru all the struggles and pains in this life, I am so thankful to be part of your world.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Another beautiful day to be ever so thankful, mother earth in all her majesty are scenes to behold and treasure. Am so thankful to be able to spend and share another day with others, hoping their days will be filled with love, peace and promises of a happy life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The treasure of having true friends is so rare, but one to be forever cherished. Tho we are so busy in our daily lives, a real friend will always talk with you, visit when they can, caring and sharing with each other, and hold you in their hearts for all times. Those in my life, that have made room for me in theirs, is an awesome, happy feeling in my soul, and very dear always. In some people's lives, a real, true friend, is more than some family. Never ignored, but always a "part" of their lives. I am forever grateful for those few that are part of my world. THANK YOU for your caring and sharing.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Mr. Bill Farkas, a small tribute to this gentleman, tho he is so busy in his world, he still reaches out to help and support, those less fortunate than himself, most especially "children".
I am happy and honored he is my "friend."

My personal "thank you" for caring and sharing a part of YOUR world for "others"


"Your communications/friendship is our window of acceptance in such a fast paced world, in honor of a true friendship, never be "too" busy, to always include them in your lives.......it is always "sunshine" thru all the storms.....

( A quote from an imprisoned child)